I’d like to introduce myself


I’d like to introduce myself

Posted on June 24, 2017
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How do you feel about your perspective being challenged? If it intimidates you or makes you feel grumpy then you probably don’t wanna stick around this blog.

For the rest of us who enjoy forcing our thoughts to roam a little farther outside of the box. For those who like to contemplate feelings that don’t match our own. For times when you just need to see things through a new lens. For the ones who realize that their way isn’t the only way and welcome fresh concepts. For all of you who want to grow in your thinking and help others grow with them! For you who like to consider Thoughtful Wonderings and how they can apply to your life.

Well, you are why I write.

I am a simple woman with an elaborate mind. Not much different from most of you. I have opinions on nearly everything and like to talk about them. I’m newly married to an amazing man (who asked why I didn’t describe him as “with the body of a Greek god or can walk on water if he runs really fast” <— See what I’m dealing with here. These are a few of the other loves in our life.

(left to right: Dru – 10, Rylan – 11, Logan – 11, Kaelyn – 7)


I’ve spent most of my adult life working as a 911 Dispatcher and just left it in March so I could follow my new Hubby from my lifetime home in Virginia to our new life in California at the request of the US Navy. Now we are settling in nicely to this new west coast life. I’m still getting used to not working but completely loving this season of our life!

Being from a small town in Virginia we are complete tourists here in Southern California. Exploring this new little piece of the world is at the top of our agenda. I am so excited to share our experiences with you! I will be writing about our cross-country trip, things to do in CA, money-saving tips, parenting strategies, marriage thoughts and my faith. I hope you’ll enjoy our time together and contribute through comments or emails. After all, I love hearing different perspectives because that is how we grow.

A quick run down of who I am:

I love God first followed closely by my family, who I fight hard to not make my little g gods. My girlfriends are simply an extension of who I am because our souls are truly knit together. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Independence Day. You don’t get much better than Jesus and America! I’m the biggest fan Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw have. I get super passionate about people. Adventure is calling me loud and often. I screw up at parenting daily but I try so hard to learn. Perhaps I’ll be good at it when I become a Grandma in 30-40 years? <– Oh! Optimistic, if I didn’t mention that! I am a Previvor who loves to help other women. The valleys in life are where I grow the most, unfortunately. But I’m completely excited to see what God has in store for my life. Welcome to a little inside look.




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