why I keep a journal for my kids

Posted on September 27, 2017
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I started a journal for my kids in 2014. At a discount store, I found two different leather-bound journals with verses on the front of them, on the cheap. I just reopened them today to write an entry in my sons and noticed something. Between the two journals there had only been 1 entry written and that was in 2014. Ugh, I am so not good at this. I have a slew of reasons I haven’t kept up with it though, I swear!

Why I started kid journals

This was not my idea. Kids journals are something my mom started. When she found out she was sick she started a journal for each one of us 3 kids. She was about as good at it as I am! There are 3 entries in my entire journal. The rest of the cute little Beatrix Potter journal is empty. Here’s the thing about it though. I don’t have my mom here to tell me stories or even know what she thought of me. That journal has a story in it about a day that we spent at the pool. She wrote that I was swimming good but that I wouldn’t take my goggles off. She said they were my feather like in Dumbo. Basically the fear was in my head. Those 3 short entries in that book are priceless to me. It is the thing I cherish most that she left me. Seeing myself through her eyes makes me feel close to her.

Every entry matters

I decided I’m going to keep a journal for my kids even if its only one entry a year. Or, every few years (oops). I’ve no idea how long I get to be here on earth with them but even if I’m here to see them have kids and grandkids, this book will matter. I get to choose the time in their life I give it to them. If it’s because I’m not here then I know it will be precious to them. If I’m still here they will get to see themselves through my eyes. From different times throughout their lives and not just in that moment. It’s going to encourage them, push them, and give them all the feels. Why? Because the way I see my kids is GOOD. They have no idea the intensity of my adoration for them. If that ends up only being a handful of entries they will have that to know and internalize. Life can get confusing guys, this could be a game changer one day.

What to write

It’s all up to you! I began the journals, ok journal…but I’m gonna start on the other one! Anyway, I started with a short story of how I felt when I found out I was pregnant. How we chose his name and a very vague birth story. After that it’s stories. Things that we do together, things that I  think about him, things he says that make me laugh, that inspire me, that make me proud. I point out times he does amazing things that blow me away about his awesome personality and good choices. Our adventures and funny stories go in. Hobbies, sports and interests too. Sometimes it’s things he struggles with and I tell him exactly what I’m praying over him. I want them to know what great gifts they have inside them in case they ever forget. To see the weaknesses that they have and that point out when they overcome them so they will see that they can! I also explain in the best words I can how in love I am with them so they will never ever doubt that. <–in case those teenage years are rough

If you are like me and time escapes you, consider speaking your entries. Heck there are apps and your phone can do cool things. You can speak into it and write an email that you keep a collection of!

It’s even cool for me to read back on some of the things I write down. Can you imagine how cool it will be for your kids to read, their kids to read. To see how human they were growing up, facing struggles and conquering life. I hope this has encouraged you. Even if only to write one letter to your future adult child. Have fun with it, make them laugh and build them up in faith and love.

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  • Heather October 3, 2017 at 9:10 am

    I’ve thought about doing this but just never got started. Thank you for the encouragement to do this, I love that you have something so special, even if it’s short, from your mom.

    • jessicaathomas October 3, 2017 at 12:13 pm

      I’m glad it encouraged you! It’s definitely very special and I know yours will be cherished one day too.